Production plant Fiberboard GmbH

Erection of a production plant for wood fiberboards in Baruth

Client: Fiberboard GmbH

Costumer: Classen Fiberboard GmbH

The Classen Fiberboard GmbH, a manufacturer of laminate flooring, decided to build a plant on site in Baruth, Germany, to produce the fiberboard used in the laminate flooring. The fiberboard production plant consists of multiple different units, buildings and structures.

Worth mentioning are:
– the power plant (EA), a steel structure covered with sheet metal sidings, delivering up to 80 megawatt heating power,
– the drying plant (TR) with the 3.0m dia. drying pipes and the 6.0m dia. cyclone seperators which are hanging in the steel structure
– the almost 500m long production building (CPR),
– the 47m long continuous press with their enormous foundations and
– the woodchip storage (HL) with it’s concrete base, underground channels and conveyor belts.

A particular challenge was the linked planning of the installation engineering and buildings. We started with the buildings design planning right after the purchase contracts for the system components were signed. We planned the buildings and outdoor facilities parallel to construction. The positioning of the system components had to be considered during the design planning for the structure at all times. We were able to accomplish this task with 3D models and using the CAD-programs Tekla Structures and Nemetschek Allplan. The result was a planning and building phase of only one and a half years. The test operation while merging the construction work and placing the machinery, as well as connecting the buildings with the process engineering went off without any conflicts.

Our performances:
• Co-ordinating the mechanical planners
• Design of all steel and concrete structures and buildings
• Structural design
• Static calculations
• Formwork and reinforcement drawings
• Steel construction drawings
• Manage tendering process
• Participate in allocations of contracts
• Construction supervision
• Accounting control and inspections

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