Licences and Certificates

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Professional Licences

Membership certificate Chamber of Engineers North-Rhine Westphalia

Authorization to present building documents North-Rhine Westphalia

List of nationwide working structural engineers

Authorization to present building documents Saxony - Anhalt

Proof authorization for structural stability Saxony - Anhalt

Other proofs

Within the Limits of the “freedom of professional practice in the EU” professional licences for building documents and structural engineering in Hungary and Poland do exist.


Clearance Certificate VBG Accident Insurance
Tax Document

Office Location / Planning Team / Office Equipment

Office Location

Ingenieurbuero Dannenberg GmbH & Co.KG
Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 38
47226 Duisburg (Rheinhausen)
Tel.: +49 (0 20 65) 30 66-0
Fax: +49 (0 20 65) 30 66-50

Planning Team
  • Current Planning Team

1 Architect (Dipl.-Ing. RWTH)
10 Civil engineers (Dipl.-Ing. RWTH / Univ. / FH / BA)
3 Business employees
2 Student assistants

  • Project team

Design and construction planning:
Architect Dipl.-Ing. Diane Loesel
WS 94/95 diploma at the RWTH Aachen
since 1995 at Ingenieurbuero Dannenberg

Structural engineering for commercial, industrial, civil engineering buildings, approval procedures, construction supervision:
Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Dannenberg
WS 93/94 diploma at the RWTH Aachen
1994 – 1997 civil engineer at the engineering office of Bechert + Partner in Stuttgart
since 1997 at Ingenieurbuero Dannenberg

Construction and project management, law of building contracts:
Ralf Busch
since 2015 at Ingenieurbuero Dannenberg

  • Cooperation partners

Long-term relationships with cooperation partners who are familiar with our working methods and CAD programs. Therefore we have access to 10 – 20 more engineers and constructors. Our group of cooperation partners are mutually comitted to compensate one or the other’s performance peaks.

  • Revenue (net)

Year 2017: 1,1 Mio. Euros
Year 2018: 1,1 Mio. Euros
Year 2019: 2,1 Mio. Euros

Technical office equipment
  • Hardware

8 virtual servers on 5 virtual machines
18 CAD-workstations, connected
div. PC and output media
2 terminal servers for cooperation partners

  • Software

Operating system: Windows 10 Professional

  • Project editing software

Nemetschek Allplan BIM 3D, -BCM (Allright);
Tekla Structure (Xsteel) 3D;
Microsoft Project, – Office 2007;
Autodesk Autocad 2020 3D (full version)

Measures to ensure Service Quality

Log Books and Time Tracking

In our office we use a specially programmed project-administrative-program for time tracking. With this program worktime and prepared documents are captured and assigned to particular projects. We are able to filter the database and extract lists as building reports, planning lists, shipment sheets and much more for each project and related sub-projects

Project Administration and Scheduling

For the operation scheduling we use the usual programs for project planning. Furthermore we use the filter functions of our own administration program. Depending on the size of the project, they are devided into sub-projects and scope of performance. We use our own administration program for analysis and control.

Project Plan Management and Plan Distribution

Today the planning documents are distributed almost exeptionally by PDF-documents via e-mail. All completed documents are recorded in a database in order to keep track and control. After a document is distributed, this information is added to the database. The data can be filtered by project to retrieve any information about document history and sending records.

Project-related contract and accounting control

For administration of payments and invoices we use the AVA programs from RIB ‘ITwo’ and from Nemetschek ‘BCM’ to provide these informations for our clients. To ensure our own economic efficiency during the project process, we use our own administration program which is able to provide accounting and activity reports.