Logistics Centre Kuehne + Nagel CP 3+4

Extension of a logistics centre including administration and social areas (CP 3 + 4)

Client: Kuehne + Nagel (AG + Co.) KG

Customer: Walter Hellmich GmbH

For our client Kuehne + Nagel (AG + Co.) KG the already existing logistics centre on the Logport site in Duisburg was extended by seven more halls in 2010 – 2011. They include administration and social areas and 72 truck loading bridges. According to the Water Management Act the foundation plates were constructed to retain extinguishing water. In front of the halls two two-storey office buildings were erected. The plot area is about 65,000m², the gross floor area 40,400m² and the gross volume 538,400m³. The production costs add up to approximately 24 m Euros.

Our performances:
• Detailed and approved final design
• Co-ordination of the professionals for building services, sprinkler technology, outdoor facilities and construction physics
• Co-ordination of the precast concrete unit concept

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