Red Parcel Package Centre

Erection of a package sorting centre with an office and social building

Client: RED PARCEL Grundstuecks GmbH & Co. KG

Customer: Walter Hellmich GmbH

In 2008 Red Parcel planned a main distribution centre for their Germany wide package courier service in Stegelitz. At this location the packages are sorted and packed into “Red Boxes”. The “Red Boxes” are then transported to the main crossover points throughout Germany. From there the packages are delivered with an especially for “Red Boxes” designed delivery vehicle .

A building with sufficient capacity was needed to house the sorting plant with its automated conveyor- and modern storage technology. The logistics required enough entry and exit ways as well as buffer areas for the “Red Box” storage units.

The facility was designed for up to 15 extension stages. The property size messures 307,000 m², the gross floor area 63,000 m² and the gross volume is about 754,300 m³. The production costs were estimated to approximately 24 m Euros.

Our performances:
• Preliminary design
• Building design
• Planning outdoor facilities and traffic routes
• Co-ordinating all companies involved
• Building application documents
• Mass and building cost calculations
• Static calculations
• Emergency escape route and evacuation drawings
• Sound and heat protection
• Infrastructure and pipe dimensioning
• Determination of energy sufficiency

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