Power Plant Constructions

A significant part of an industrial facility depends on the power supply. Therefore we have been involved in constructing thermal and electrical power generation facilities. Further, we participated in specialty power plant projects. Our main task was the co-ordination of machine and equipment installation and the building construction. According to the contract specification, we provided the manufacturing drawings and supervised the construction process.

Further information is available in the power plant projects below.

Our Power Plant Construction Projects:

CHP in Wuppertal - DSD Industrieanlagen GmbH

The CHP (combined heat and power station) was modified in the area around a former coal boiler. Therfore, two gas turbines for electric power generation with heat recovery were installed. The two kettles for heat recovery have chimneys that are 60 m high. Kettles and chimneys were placed in a new building infront of the excisting building.

General planning: application process for building permit, construction planning, structural design incl. formwork and reinforcement drawings, steel construction drawings.

Completion: end 2005
Construction costs: 4.3 m €
Contact: Mr. Eberhard Kerfs (DSD)

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MHKW Frankfurt - Baumgarte Boiler Systems GmbH

MHKW Frankfurt Nordweststadt, Germany:

Controlling of steel construction engineer services

The existing waste incineration plant was modernized with two new boiler systems, and in a second phase in 2006, two more boilers were added.

Planning supervision for Baumgarte, coordination of mechanical and structural layout, adaptation and coordination of the static calculations with the steel construction drawings.

Completion: end 2007
Construction costs: 12.5 m €
Contact: Mr. Ralf Senff-Wollenberg

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