Industrial facilities

Since establishing our engineering company in 1970, we have been working for the industry in western Germany on constructions, maintenance, modernization, conversion as well as expansion and new construction. Due to our longtime business relationship with the steel- chemistry- and wood industry and other production sectors branches, we have framework contracts for our planning services. Within these contracts, we provide a full range of our services as requested immediately on a regular base.

Further information is available in the project presentations below.

Our Industrial Plant Projects:

Zellstoff Stendal GmbH – Extension of the boiler building, Stendal, Germany

To increase their pulp production capacity, ZS needed to install two more boilers. Therefore, the boiler building (built in 2003) had to be extended to fit in the two additional boilers. In the original design (completed by our office) the extension of the building was already concidered and the foundations for the extension were built in 2003. The steel structure had to be erected free-standing seperate from the building. The new gable wall had to be built on pile foundations to avoid differential settlement.

General design, application process for building permit, construction planning, structural design incl. formwork and reinforcement drawings, steel construction drawings.

Completion: End 2005
Construction costs: 3.2 m €
Contact: Mr. Wolfgang Schubert (metso)

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Evonik Stockhausen GmbH – Expansion and reconstruction of the production unit P7

The existing production building, built in the 1940s, had to be raised from 12m to 23m in height for the expansion of the production line. The plant kept producing during construction and the production process could not be interupted. First the building was raised before the existing roof was taken off.

Static calculations, manage tendering process, steel construction drawings.

Completion: Mid 2006
Construction costs: 1.1 m € (Contr.)
Contact: Mr. Stefan Gorgs (Stockausen)

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Deutsche Solvay Werke GmbH – Expansion of the PVC production plant

The existing PVC plant had to be extended. It was necessary to obtain the production line connected to the existing plant units.

As built drawings, concept of reconstruction and structural design.

Completion: 2005
Construction costs: 3.6 m €
Contact: Mr. Bernhard Liekenbrock (Solvay)

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