Kronospan Sandebeck

Reconstruction of the chip treatment plant in Sandebeck

Client:  Kronospan Sandebeck

Costumer: Kronospan Sandebeck

On the plant of the Kronospan company in Sandebeck, Germany, an additional drum dryer with chip-treatment was installed. The existing drum dryer was replaced by a new one.

The property proportions were restricted and the production could not be interrupted during the extension and reconstruction time. It was necessary to build a new drum dryer right next to the existing one including the sifter framework, dosing framework and classifier framework.

After starting up the new parts of the plant the production continued unabated. The old drum dryer with ist seperating cyclone and discharge housing could be replaced.

The production costs were estimated to approximately 3.8 m Euros.

Our performances:
• Structural planning
• Co-ordination with the plant designer of Schenkmann and Piel Engineering
• Steel construction drawings
• Framework design
• Co-ordinating the foundation work
• Co-ordinating the steel construction work

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