Wood Industry

Our engineering office has been working in the wood industry since the 1980s. The essential part of our experience is based on understanding and our detailed knowledge of the production process in the fibre and wood industry.
With our accumulated experience, we are able to provide professional service in planning and co-ordination for new investments and modernisation of existing facilities.

Further information is available in the following project documentations.

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Our Wood Industry Projects:

Varioboard GmbH – Erection of a production plant for wood fibreboards in Magdeburg, Germany

This plant was built to produce MDF-fibreboards. Erection of new buildings, framework, enclosures and special constructions were all part of the building process. In addition an existing warehouse was massively remodeled.

General Design, managing application process for building permit within the scope of application for production permit, static calculations, construction drawings, managing tendering process and allocations of contracts, construction supervision

Completion: February 2001
Construction costs: 24.5 m €
Contact person: Mr. Wilhelm Taubert

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Kronospan Sandebeck – Reconstruction of the chip treatment plant in Sandebeck, Germany

As a part of the modernization of the production plant for chip boards, the chip treatment facility was extended and reconstructed.

Structural design incl. steel construction drawings.

Completion: early 2004
Construction costs: 3.8 m €
Contact: Mr. Guenther Baier

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Fiberboard GmbH – Erection of a production plant for wood fibreboards in Baruth, Brandenburg, Germany

Classen Industries, a manufacturer for laminate flooring decided to built a plant on site in Baruth, to produce the fibreboard used in laminate flooring. The fibreboard production plant consists of multiple different units, buildings and structures.

Design of the steel- and concrete structures and buildings, manage tendering process, participating in allocations of contracts, construction supervision, accounting control.

Completion: end 2008
Construction costs: 38 m € (Constr.)
Contact: Mr. Hennig

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IKEA Industry Poland Sp.z.o.o. East II - Erection of a HDF-plant in Orla, Poland

Erection of a HDF-plant on a former agricultural area.

General planning: revision of the existing application process, co-ordination of the construction schedule, creation of a 3D-model, co-ordination between the machine installation and construction schedule, static calculations in German / Polish according to European Norm, fabrication drawings for steel and concrete structures, specifications for tender process, consulting in awarding of contracts, quality control and inspections.

Completion: 2011
Construction costs: 140 m €
Contact: Mr. Achim Iredi

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