Aakerfaehr – Bridge

New erection of the Aakerfaehr – Bridge

Client: City of Duisburg

The erection of the new Aakerfaehr – Bridge was necessary because the old bridge had to be demolished. It was built in 1904 and because of corrosion in a very bad condition. To keep the traffic going during the design and construction phase a demountable temporary bridge had to be erected.

For the temporary bridge the Krupp D-Bridge-System was used that was adjusted to the given circumstances. It measured 180 m and is the longest temporary bridge that was built with this system so far.

The new Aakerfaehr – Bridge was completely erected on the left side of the river. By use of the modern incremental launching technic with temporary stanchions on floating pontoons the bridge could be pushed over the canal until it was in its final position and placed on the bridge bearings.

Our performances for erecting the temporary bridge:
• Static verifications for the temporary bridge
• Detailed and approved final design for the adjustment of the bridge to the existing bases
• Supportive construction supervision

Our performances for erecting the new Aakerfaehr – Bridge:
• Evaluation of the old bridge, preparation of a bearing capacity report
• Static verification
• Verification of the assembly situations and incremental launching units

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